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Krishna Verve Website

Case Study

ECC Designs was asked to design and build a promotional website for Krishna Groups new multicrore venture 'Krishna Verve'. Krishna Verve needed a brand new website and corporate identity that communicated the quality, expertise and high standards of the fast growing company. The website responds and behaves differently based on different times of the day to include the human aspect within.

Krishna wanted the design and animations to be fluid and constantly active to keep the audience interested. The site contains exhaustive information about the company, it's projects, opportunities and resources. The specifications take into account many usability and aesthetic needs.

The site uses extensive Javascript, AJAX, ASP, Flash, etc. but we have made sure none of these make the website heavy to use. The multimedia gallery includes many 360 degree views of a project. The site also has a contact form enabling the users to sent in their information requests.

Throughout the development of the site we were in constant touch with Krishna throwing back and forth ideas and suggestions. It was a great experience for all of us at ECC Designs to be able to work with a client who was so open to new ideas and suggestions which helped us build this wonderful Website.


Krishna Verve Website