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Web Maintenance

Keeping your website content up-to-date:

ECC Designs provide a comprehensive website maintenance service, that is extremely flexible and yet straight forward to use.

Here are the updates that we undertake and the time frame in which it can be completed.

Type 1 updates includes: Basic page updates including text and images. Most of the work in this category can be done within 48 working hours

Type 2 updates includes : Creating completely new pages and sections, image alteration and major layout. Upates of this category can be done within 3 working days in most cases.

Type 3 updates includes: Navigation changes, flash development, backend changes and ASP.Net changes. These jobs can be done in 5 working days, if there is extensive work we will tell you the timeframe before begining the job.

If you have an extremely urgent update, please talk to us as we can usually accommodate your requirement, even if this means an update within hours. If for any reason any update is likely to take longer than the time specified above, we shall notify you.


Each quarter we shall provide you with a schedule, detailing the updates we have undertaken,
the time each update took and the total time used to date.

Requesting an update

You can request updates to your site, by email or fax.
Along with maintaining the site we also work on improving your search engine status.


We have hourly as well as monthly rates. To get an estimate please email us your requirements and we will provide you a costing.